2nd Memorial Day in Jasło

On August 17, 2019, the 2nd Memorial Day was dedicated to the Jewish community of Jasło. All gathered at the gate of the cemetery in Jasło, where they were welcomed by the president of the AntiSchemes 2 Foundation Tomasz Malec and dr hab. Leszek Hońdo from the Institute of Jewish Studies of the Jagiellonian University. The aims of the project “Before it is too late”, which today’s commemoration is part, were presented, after which the assembled went to the railway station, where Magdalena Białek recalled the history of the deportation of Jews from Jasło to the extermination camp in Bełżec and read the names of the victims found at the Yad Vashem Memorial Institute. The central element of the celebration was the unveiling of the commemorative plaque and the speech of the representative of the descendants of the Jews from Jasło, Georges Feniger, who in 2017 after 50 years first came to Jasło, where his family came from and called for bridges to allow the younger generations to learn about the facts of the tragedy that destroyed so many lives and hurt generations of survivors. The last element of commemoration was the lecture by dr hab Leszek Hońdo presenting the specifics of the Jewish cemetery in Jasło. There were many prominent people at the ceremony such as: Adam Pawluś – Foreman of the District in Jasło, Stanisław Pankiewicz – Deputy Foreman, Patrycja Bimkiewicz – Head of the Promotion, Culture, Sport and Tourism Department at the City Council in Jasło, Hubert Czerwonka from the City Council, Agata Koba City Council spokesman, Katarzyna Koczwara representing the management of the Municipal Public Library in Jasło, major Piotr Chmielowski representing the management of the Prison in Jasło, residents of Jasło, Nowy Żmigród, representatives of the Righteous family – family Pikul, Leaders of the Dialogue Forum and representatives of local media. After the ceremonies, the participants went to a restaurant at U Schabińska’s restaurant, on which a plaque was placed. We are extremely grateful to everyone who contributed to the fact that this commemoration could have taken place. In the speeches of both local authorities and organizers, the leitmotif was to remind that Holocaust victims were Polish citizens, and now, looking at the past, learning and accepting it, we should build foundations for dialogue for future generations.

“Project co-financed under the National Heritage Institute program – Together for heritage”