Social enterprise

As part of the MOWES project, the AntySchematy 2 foundation created a social enterprise in order to expand its statutory activity with the subject of economic activity. As part of the planned business activity, it intends to provide services in two areas, i.e. cleaning services, code PKD 81.30.Z and organization of genealogical tours for tourists, code PKD 63.30.D. Within the first matter, the subject of activity will be cleaning services for a wide range of clients, including mainly professional cleaning of neglected cemeteries belonging to the Jewish minority, located in two provinces (Podkarpackie and Małopolskie). In addition, the foundation will provide services in the field of mowing green areas, mowing ditches, hard-to-reach places, trimming and cutting shrubs, trees, removing snow from sidewalks, squares, parking lots, renewing fences by cleaning the surface, painting and minor repairs.

Description and price list of services for municipal works