Save from oblivion – Ryglice 2020

In September and October 2020, the AntySchematy 2 Foundation organized a research and educational project entitled Save from oblivion. Activities at the Jewish cemetery in Ryglice ”. The Ryglicki project consisted in cleaning up, carrying out an inventory of tombstones and tangible ornamentation workshops. Students from the School of Economics and Horticulture in Tarnów participated in the cleaning and inventory, while the workshops were attended by participants from the Primary School in Ryglice. Students and graduates of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow took care of the compilation of the collected material and the preparation of the publication in pdf format under the substantive supervision of dr hab. Leszek Hońdo. The project was coordinated by Dr. Katarzyna Suszkiewicz, and Tomasz Malec was responsible for the logistics and digitization of materials.
The project partners were the City Hall in Ryglice, the Primary School in Ryglice, the Complex of Economic and Horticultural Schools in Tarnów and the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The project was funded by the National Heritage Board of Poland as part of the “Together for Heritage” program.
The results of the activities in Ryglice include a change in the cemetery landscape, which has been thoroughly cleaned, collected materials and a preliminary inventory of about 300 tombstones located in the Jewish cemetery, a list of people buried in this cemetery and a pdf publication with inscriptions from the tombstones.


Map of the cemetery:

Table with the list of people

Publikacja - Ryglice 2020

PDF publication for download