The Foundation’s activities and development would not have been possible without the trust, kindness and constant assistance of many institutions and individuals. Our projects were available as part of grant applications given by institutions such as:

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Our projects gathered a large community that actively support us. The information about us is translated to English by

  • James Jablonski,
  • Jacob Karlin,
  • Karolina Wójcik,

and to Hebrew by

  • Shiri Blecher,
  • Orit Ehrenberg,
  • Lorenn Peer Ben-Gur,
  • Roni Adler,
  • Lili Haber
  • and Jill Leibman.

We are very grateful for your constant support!

The Foundation will not cope also without financial support, so if you cannot personally join the breaking of the schemes and the fight against sterotypes, you can always support us with a donation (click to support us). We are grateful for every donation!

We would like to express deep gratitude to all those who supported the realization of the project “Matzevot of Tarnów – camp for volunteers”. Thank you for your time, engagement and financial support.

(in alphabetical order)

  • Roni Adler
  • Rita Bass-Gross
  • Aimee Bauer
  • Alan Bauer
  • Sulamith Beith Yannai
  • Rudi Berkelhamer
  • Jerry Bergman
  • Naama Berman
  • Shiri Blecher
  • Judy Bluestone
  • Steven Disman
  • Orit Ehrenberg
  • Moran Eitan
  • Michael Feiler
  • Eric Feinstein
  • Howard Fink
  • Friends of Jewish Heritage in Poland
  • Fundusz Michaela H. Traisona dla Polski
  • Donna Gewertz
  • Alon Goldman
  • Lili Haber
  • David Harris
  • Jim Jablonski
  • Roz Jacobs
  • David Kanarfogel
  • Evan Kleinman
  • Jim Kornmehel
  • Jill Leibman
  • Jadwiga Majchrzak
  • Piotr Morawski
  • Dan Oren
  • Lorenn Peer Ben-Gur
  • Helena Postawka
  • George Reiss
  • Michał Romanowski
  • Barbara Rosborg
  • Murray Sackwild
  • Joel Schrier
  • Malka Shacham Doron
  • Krzysztof Suszkiewicz
  • Daniela Torsh
  • Michael Traison
  • Steven Turner
  • Laurie Weisman
  • Gerald Vineberg
  • Yagna Yass-Alston