The AntiSchemes initiative came to life in 2008. Its name refers to the main idea that motivated its creators – breaking stereotypes and negative patterns of behavior. Then came the idea of teaching young people openness and tolerance towards the Jewish minority by cleaning and taking care of Jewish cemeteries in the Podkarpackie and Małopolskie voivodships.
The initiative was transformed into a foundation in July 2014. The AntiSchemes2 Foundation is a non-profit organization.

The goals of the Foundation are:

  • promotion of culture in aid of fighting stereotypes against ethnic and national minorities through intercultural education,
  • taking care of places of remembrance,
  • local initiatives in favor of tolerance in Poland,
  • support schools and provide other charitable work.

At the moment, the Foundation’s work is targeted at ​​two voivodeships: Małopolska and Podkarpacie. However, the institution is planning to extend the area of work to some initiatives of a national or even international response.

The Foundation directs its activities primarily at children and young people but also directors of educational institutions, teachers, educators, local leaders and culture animators.

The organization has the greatest experience in youth education on tolerance, protection of remembrance sites and organization of workshops for young people (including the disabled).