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Goals of the AntiSchemes 2 Foundation

1. The main goal:
Create and ensure the necessary conditions for promoting multicultural education.

2.The specific goals stemming from the Statute:

  • Support educational actions aimed at breaking down institutionalized prejudice and discrimination in Polish society.
  • Support projects pursuing education and the arts.
  • Provide help and care for the poorest persons and families.
  • Administer actions to help and care for the disabled and socially excluded.
  • Help gifted students from dysfunctional and socially excluded families.
  • Care for memorial sites.

The foundation will accomplish its goals through actions in the following fields:

  • Organizing and financing social actions, seminaries, symposia, discussions, conferences, lectures, readings, competitions and plebiscites as well as other forms of education.
  • Publishing information, books, magazines, brochures and leaflets.
  • Initiating other projects promoting awareness of social values – among them organizing and financing exhibitions, concerts and performances.
  • Organizing and financing acquisition of equipment needed for operating educational, charity and health facilities.
  • Co-organizing and financing educational and care facilities.
  • Creating and maintaining data bases on the conditions in educational, care and health facilities.
  • Organizing and sponsoring competitions for the best educational, care and health facilities in the country; cooperating with facilities pursuing new trends and methods in education and medical treatment.
  • Organizing and financing public opinion polls.
  • Organizing actions to petition authorities to make legislative changes.
  • Organizing, co-organizing and financing various forms of summer and winter recreation for children and youth.
  • Organizing, co-organizing and administering social aid.
  • Organizing and financingscholarship aid for gifted children and youth or children and youth from regions threatened with unemployment.
  • Organizing and financing acquisition of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals necessary for health and the saving of lives.
  • Financing treatment expenses for persons with serious life and health hazards.