4th Day of Remembrance in Jasło

On August 17, 2021 in Jasło we were a commemorating the 79th anniversary of the extermination of the Jewish community from Jasło and the surrounding area to the death camp in Bełżec. In a moment of reflection and prayers at the Jewish cemetery in Jasło and under the plaque commemorating these events, the president of our foundation, Tomasz Kocur, together with the employees of the foundation, paid tribute to all those murdered at that time. Magdalena Białek read a letter from Georges Feniger – a descendant of the Jasło Jews, who this time will not be able to be with us personally, while Tomasz Gebner led the prayer. The commemoration was attended by representatives of the city authorities of Jasło and the district office in Jasło. There were also school principals from Jasło and the inhabitants of Jasło. We thank all those who came for praying together and for keeping the memory, which means a lot to our foundation.

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