The book “Jewish Cemetery in Tarnów” by dr hab. Leszek Hońdo

We recommend you a publication by prof. Leszek Hońdo. He will be also responsible for supervising the inventory in the framework of our project and will be an editor of final publication.

Prof. Leszek Hońdo – since 2000 in charge of Chair in Jewish Culture at the Institute for Jewish Studies at Jagiellonian University. In 1993 he defended his doctoral thesis on religion in Franz Rosenzweig work’s and in 2000 he was granted habilitation based on book on old Jewish cemetery in Kraków. Since 1996 he is a Secretary of Commission of History and Culture of Jews at the Polish Academy of Art and Science. In years 1996-1998 he was a Board Member in Polish Association of Jewish Studies. He is a chairman of the Committee for Protection of Jewish Heritage located at the Society of Fans of History and Monuments of Kraków. He is interested in culture of Polish Jews, Jewish cemeteries in Poland, beginnings of Zionism and Jewish thought in the German circles. He is author of many publications and member of many editorial boards, one of which is „Scripta Judaica Cracoviensia”.

In memoriam, August 12, 1942 – August 12, 2016

In this year has passed 74th an anniversary of the Holocaust in Kołaczyce and Brzostek . 260 Jews : women, old men and children were gathered for a week on Błonia in Kołaczyce, than loaded on trucks and transported to the forest in Krajowice. There, nacked, terrified and defenceless were shoot one by one, children on mothers hands. Everyone was murdered and buried in one massive grave, here in Krajowice forest near Kołaczyce.

Commemoration of this Holocaust was an opportunity to remain once again these terrible murder. AntiSchemes2 also came to Krajowice to commemorate this tragic anniversary with friends from Kołaczyce, Dukla, Rzeszów, Jasło and Nowy Żmigród. We placed flowers, lighted candles and strongly emphasized that commemorations of the Holocaust are necessary to built tolerance, memory and respect for others life and culture.

Fot. Inga Marczyńska

Jascha Dor-Ner scholarship awarded

Inga Marczyńska and Tomasz Malec from the AntySchematy Foundation2 – Plenipotentiaries of the Dor-Ner Family – handed over , during the ceremonial termination of the school year, 23.06.2017, scholarships Jaschy Dor-Ner` name, founded by the noble Dor-Ner family: Mr. Zvi Richard, Tamar, Daphne and Ann from Boston, USA. Prizes for outstandingly talented pupils and enthusiasts of Jewish community history in Kołaczyce are an expression of the gratitude of Jascha Dor-Ner (nee Berl) living in Kołaczyce. As the only survivor of the Holocaust in Kołaczyce in August 12, 1942, she was always very loving Kołaczyce, and repeatedly stressed that she wanted to help the development of the community. Wish this Parisian painter complete her son Zvi Richard Dor-Ner, who died in April this year, in the joy of fulfilling the wishes of the mother and his wish also. Jaschy Dor-Ner’s granddaughter sent financial grants and a congratulatory letter to the students in recognition of their gratitude and appreciation to high school students for their historical research on the Jewish community in Kołaczyce and the wonderful artistic talents of the participants. Thank you to the founders of the scholarships: Dor-Ner family for the great heart and recognition of youth work. We congratulate young people for their commitment and talent.

Our history detectives are back in action!

Our detectives again in action!
TV about our project “Matzevot of Tarnów – camp for volunteers. Edition 2” as part of the task carried out by the National Heritage Board in Poland “Volunteering for heritage 2017” by Foundation AntiSchemes 2. The project partner is the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University.

Project stages:

  • The first stage of the project (16-25 July 2017) is a camp for volunteers, during which time the participants will undergo theoretical training and then under the supervision of dr hab. Leszek Hońdo and Sławomir Pastuszka will carry out an inventory.
  • The second stage of the project (August-October 2017) will be the preparation of a publication containing a summary of the project (thematic articles, results of evaluation surveys conducted by volunteers, project report) and catalog of tombstones.,tarnow-detektywi-historii-znow-w-akcji.html#sthash.W667P2HV.dpbs