This is the last day of inventory

It is the last day of the inventory at the Jewish cemetery in Tarnów in the framework of the project “Matzevot of Tarnów – camp for volunteers. Edition 2 “as part of a task implemented by the National Heritage Board in Poland,” Volunteering for Heritage 2017 “. We sincerely thank the participants of the project: students of the Institute of Jewish Studies at the Jagiellonian University and our wonderful volunteers from Tarnów’s schools!

We will soon be sharing our findings with you.

Completion of the inventory of matzevot located in Headquarters E in the Tarnowskie Macewy project – a volunteer camp. Edition 2

This week we have completed the inventory of the tombstones located in the E-quarter of the Jewish cemetery in Tarnów. We are now waiting to develop inscriptions and prepare a publication. We sincerely thank our wonderful volunteers for their work and commitment during the project, “Matzevot of Tarnów – camp for volunteers. Edition 2”!